Saturday, February 13, 2016


I've made so many promises to myself to keep up with this blog, most importantly because printing books of my posts has been an easy, efficient way of maintaining photo albums for someone who hates maintaining photo albums!

But, not too long ago, I started using Instagram and shortly afterward a wonderful online utility was born -- "Chatbooks" -- and its automatic subscription service is proving to be a very easy photo album maker, so this little blog is languishing.

I'm not ready to give up on it completely but if you're interested in keeping up with us, you might want to check us out on Instagram.  My user name is "boo21smom" and Erika's is "snakeoakfarm.

Hope to see you over there! And, here sometimes, too!

Chatbook's subscription service automatically prints a lovely 6X6 book of photos every time you accumulate 60 Instagram posts.  I started out with the paperback books but have since upgraded to the hardback.  The quality so far has been great.  

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