Monday, December 14, 2015

Tis the season

Christmas is in full swing around here.

Christian and Erika have decorated inside and out of their sweet, old farm house.

 And even my unfinished house got in on the fun.  Erika cut down a cedar for my front porch but it refused to behave properly in the antique stand she had for it.  So, the foreman on the building crew stepped in.  He "planted" her tree in front of the house and cut a smaller one for the stand.  It's good to have such nice people building our house.

Erika, Finley and I had a few minutes to spare before the Christmas Cantata at the Remington United Methodist Church on Saturday, so we drove around teeny, tiny Remington, looking at Christmas lights. Finley loved it!  So much so that we're going to walk the neighborhood next time -- after Glenn gets here and on a night when Christian doesn't have to work late so they can join in the fun.

Finley and I have been reading about the first Christmas so she knew right away that it was the "Bay-bee" in the manager at the Methodist church's live Nativity. (Everyone except the baby was "live.")

Erika and I have been talking about how this Christmas seems somehow more festive than previous seasons.  Maybe it's the Christmas music we're playing around the clock or the concerts and cantatas we've been attending and the movies we've been watching.  Or, maybe it's the influence of a little one who is now aware of things like sparkling lights, and the "Bay-Bee."  Whatever the reason, it sure 'tis the season for merriment around here.

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