Sunday, November 8, 2015

What a difference a week makes!

When Glenn and I left for California on Halloween morning, the trees here in Remington were still solidly covered with leaves.  But, according to Erika, one day while we were gone, the wind came up and the leaves came down like rain.

When we went for a walk this morning, I was surprised to see what I could -- and couldn't -- see!

I can see the house from our road now.  I think it looks lovely peeking out of the trees.

I can't see the ground in the woods walk, it's so solidly covered with leaves.  Erika says it has been too muddy to take this short cut.  I'm hoping it will be dry enough to walk it with Finley tomorrow.  She'll enjoy scuffing her boots through the leaves.

It's good to be back in Virginia.

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