Sunday, November 22, 2015

Some things from last week

1.  Tabitha continues to grow and thrive -- in spite of Finley's great love for her!  Tabitha jumped in this box on her own, but Finley has also stuffed her into quite a few boxes and bags.  Patient kitty!

2.  I'm not sure who is enjoying the new goat barn more -- me or the goats.  I'm so pleased they have a bigger, cozy place to hang out when it rains.  And, the OCD side of me is thrilled with the work/feed room Erika designed on one end of the barn.

We're still letting the boys out to browse -- the more then eat off the land, the healthier they are and the less hay we have to buy!

3.  Talulah's sole surviving chick is thriving.  She is getting so big that sometimes it's hard to find her among all the other chickens.  I haven't managed to get a good photo of her yet.

4.  This handsome guy is trying to oust the beautiful, black Cochin rooster.  It will be interesting to see who wins the harem.  I suspect it will be this guy, but I'm wishing they could each have their own harem.

5.  This child continues to delight her parents and me. 

6.  The frost on Saturday morning was so pretty.  For years I've told Glenn I wished we could live in a place where I could wear a coat.  And, I'm getting my wish!

7.  The cold, dry air brought impossibly blue skies.  And contrails!  I can't believe the contrails we see here.  They go on forever in our wide open sky.

7.  Insulation in my house!  

8.  Sheet rock in my house!  (When the house is finished the bathtub won't be in the middle of the bedroom!)

It was a good week.

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