Monday, November 2, 2015

October was a lovely month

I think October is my favorite month of all.  Here are a whole bunch of this year's reasons why:

Stairs!  The stairs were installed and we were finally able to get a good look around the second story.

Construction moved along very nicely.  Porch roofs installed, plumbing and electrical got roughed in, heating and air ductwork was done and a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting.  Inspections this week, then once approved insullation then dry wall (or "sheet rock" as they tend to call it in VA.) This is a photo of the kitchen/great-room side of the house.   

Glenn spent ten wonderful days with us and during that time he got his first porch sit.  

When Glenn shows up a project usually follows and this time was no different.  Erika designed an addition to the old dairy building that will be the goats' new home and she, Glenn and Christian made a lot of progress on it.  With a little help from Finley and me.  (My help was mainly taking care of Finley and cleaning up the worksite.  Finley contributed comic relief!)

Being a grandparent is grand. 

It rained a good bit at the beginning of the month and Finley got to wear her first pair of boots!

There were pumpkins and gourds and leaves and mums -- all but the leaves and mums grown by Farmer Christian.

Talulah laid nine eggs, kept them hidden from us while she incubated them and surprised us one October morning with seven chicks.  Sadly, all but one of them is gone -- two taken by a kestrel, the others just gone.  We have high hopes for the remaining chick.

Finley learned to climb out of her crib and now takes her naps in her big-girl bed. 

She decided she absolutely loves baths (rather than just tolerating them.)

She and I spent our mornings together wandering around the farm, picking up fallen walnuts,

and visiting the goats and chickens.

We take lots of walks -- a least once a day we walk out to check out the progress on the house. 

 I hope she will remember something of our walks when I'm long gone.

Just in time for Halloween a new gosling showed up at the farm!

And, as you're probably sick of hearing me say, the sky and the landscape around us continued to take my breath away.

October was the loveliest month!

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