Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Room

For the last 18 months, the room in the upper right corner of the house -- the one with the sun setting so prettily in its nicely aligned windows -- has been mine.  Erika, Christian and Finley have so graciously shared their house with me for much longer than any of us dreamed it would be.

Glenn's and my house is quickly approaching the 80% completion mark and the really big things --insulation,  sheetrock (or dry wall for you San Diegan's,) electrical service, septic system, etc., -- are slowly but surely getting done.  A late February or early March move-in date is looking possible (for me.  Glenn won't be joining me until later in the year.)

Oh, what a relief it will be for all of us when I vacate that lovely bedroom and, oh, how much we'll miss the good times that came from living cheek-to-jowl for much longer than we ever expected.

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