Friday, November 6, 2015

I'm gonna miss...

I leave for VA early tomorrow morning.  Checking in for my flight and printing my boarding pass brought a lump to my throat and prompted me to wander around taking photos of some of the things I'm going to miss.

This Christmas Cactus that will bloom without me, but I'm looking forward to putting the paperwhite bulbs I bought at Christian's store into a vessel with stones and water in the bottom to trick them into blooming in the house just in time for Christmas.

I'll miss decorating this (fake) feather tree, but I'm looking forward to cutting down a small cedar and propping it up on my still-unfinished front porch and decorating it.

I'll miss the light from the tall windows in our living room, but I'm looking forward to the light that floods Erika's and Christian's dining room this time of year.

I'll miss whichever of these things allows me to upload 17 photos to Blogger in less than 30 seconds rather than 30 minutes on our DSL connection in VA.  There is nothing to look forward to about DSL.

I'll miss all the strange and wonderful things Glenn and I have collected, made and been given, but I'm looking forward to living with all the strange and wonderful things Erika and Christian have accumulated.

I'll miss these sheets and the man who is continuing his search (including on QVC!) for the Holy Grail of sheets, but I'm looking just a little forward to the luxury of being able to turn the light on in the middle of the night to read if I can't sleep.

This counter space -- all. to. myself. -- I will miss it, but I'm looking forward to being with the three people who have so graciously allowed me to share their home, and their countertops, for the last 17 months.

Oh, I'll miss these girls, but I'm looking forward to seeing my three goat boys and all the other creatures on Snake Oak Farm.

I'll miss this table and the man with whom I've shared the meals eaten here, but I'm looking forward to again being part of mealtimes with a spirited 17- month-old girl.

These tangerines will ripen after I leave, but I'm looking forward to the kale and brussels sprouts and broccoli and root vegetables Erika and Christian are growing.

I'll miss this tree and our view of El Capitan mountain, but I'm looking forward to maples and oaks and hickories and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance.

I'll miss this chair and the man who sits in it after a hard day's work. There is nothing in VA to take his place so I will continue to look forward anxiously to the day when Virginia really is my home because that's where he is living, too.

All that I will be missing won't fit in one blog post -- not even with the help of a high speed internet connection!

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