Thursday, November 5, 2015

Almost time to leave home for, well, home!

How strange it is to have two homes.  When I'm on my way from VA to CA, I say I'm "going home" and when I'm in CA headed for VA, I also say I'm going home.  Really, my home is wherever Glenn is, so for much of the time the last 18 months, I haven't been at home, at all!  

This week I was at home, with Glenn in CA and I enjoyed every minute of it.  

I got to spend time with these girls.  BOTH of whom are overweight according to the Vet and must be fed "light" food from now on.  Their dad has been being too good to them.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit how much I enjoyed being with my "stuff."  It was good coming downstairs in the early morning dark, making a cup of coffee (using a different one of my mugs every day!) and enjoying being in this cozy room with all the weird junk Glenn and I have collected over the years. 

It was also good, very good, to leave my pour-through coffee brewer draining in the kitchen sink (something I can't do at Erika's house because it drives her crazy!) 

It was good looking at and listening to the rustle of the leaves on the cottonwood tree in our backyard.  We were warned not to plant it, warned how invasive it would be and it has been, but we love that tree.  

I've enjoyed all the meals I've eaten out with friends and family -- Mexican, Italian, Greek, american burgers, kebabs, Asian dumplings and Octoberfest sausage at the home of some dear friends. 

While I've missed my grand baby very much, I've enjoyed the uninterrupted knitting and reading time I've had this week.  I'm anxious to see if this made-with-leftover-yarn hat fits her.

And,  of course, I've enjoyed being with Glenn even though he has had to work during the day. You'll never guess what was the next best thing about this trip -- not good food, not visits with good friends, not snuggles with my god, not the gorgeous Fall weather, not the freedom to leave my pour-through filter draining it the sink.  After being with Glenn the next best thing about my CA home is HIGH SPEED CABLE!  DSL in my rural VA home sucks! 

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