Friday, July 31, 2015

Goodbye July!

I've taught them, " Let's go to work!" (in the morning when we let them out to wherever they will be browsing)  and "Let's go home" -- both reinforced with a generous scoop of black oil sunflower seeds and one animal cookie each. 

My favorite flowers

My favorite baby

My favorite summer squash

Bird house gourd to-be

Photo by her mama

Zoning out and about to fall asleep

24 Crows restaurant in Flint Hill,  VA

Stacking blocks


Tall Ships Festival in Portland, Maine with our dear friends Mike and Wendy

The view from Mike's and Wendy's deck in Portland, Maine

From Erika's cutting garden

The Rose River at Grave's Mountain



So pretty it's a shame it will be covered up

A very, very small part of the tomatoes Christian grew this year.  We all really like them oven roasted.

The roof isn't on yet....

The Blue Moon from my bedroom window this morning.

July was a great month.  Here comes August!

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