Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What a week!

The week leading up to Finley's first birthday party was really something!  Glenn and my sister flew in to spend ten days with Erika, Christian, Finley and me.  Everyone worked on projects -- things that had needed doing for a while and things for the party (and the many parties we'll celebrate over the coming years.)  We did things that made life easier or safer or cleaner and some things just for the fun of it.  We cooked breakfasts but ate most lunches and dinners out.  We mowed, bush-hogged, and had lawn mower races.  We dusted, built a table, baked, washed dishes, made iced tea, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher and washing machine over and over again and played with and took care of Finley.  We climbed huge ladders, made cake decorations, smoked beef brisket and pork butts, made homemade ginger ale, brewed beer, watched fireflies, sweated, and watched Finley teach herself to walk.  We saw the foundation of Glenn's and my house take shape and nearly every day we wandered through the woods to and from our some-day house on a nicely bush-hogged path (sometimes with geese following us!)  We ate Moo-Thru ice cream and checked ourselves and each other for ticks.  And sweated.  We sat around watching the goats, chickens and geese, cleaned the goats' pen, carried Finley, "wore" her, watched her play in the play pen inside and outside and held her while she took naps. And we sweated.  We folded clothes, weed-whacked, enjoyed (and dodged!) fire-works, tended the garden, repaired lawn mowers, sweated some more and hoped that it wouldn't rain on the party (it didn't). We did some antiquing and Glenn and I chose windows, kitchen cabinets and exterior house colors. We moved hay bales, inflated balloons, made decorations and then the day after the most wonderful party celebrating Finley, took everything down, put it all away and relaxed.  And sweated. We had a really great ten days together, and now that Glenn and Kathy have returned home to San Diego and we're all settleing back into our regular routines, we'll continue to enjoy the product of all our work,  we'll relive the memories and look forward to the next time we're all together again -- and hope it isn't so dang hot then!

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