Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One Word Wednesday


Barrow, the friendliest of the three boys.
Local woman (Madison county) who went to vet school and came back home to practice. 

Hanging browse for them until we got the electric fence set up in the area we want them to help us clear.  There are lots of lists of things that goats can't eat and lots of differing information all over the Web, but no list I've seen contains oak leaves and they love oak leaves.
Ol' Blue Eyes.  We should have named him Frank.  Did you know that goats' rectangular pupils allow them to see 320 degrees around them without turning their heads?  Other animals such as sheep and cows have rectangular pupils, but their irises are normally darker than goats and so the shape isn't noticeable.  Their weird pupils give some people the willies. 

Goats lips are very mobile.  
Pelham is my favorite.  
Why does my favorite goat have to be the one who is the shyest?
Mosby has dewlaps (under his neck) and he lets us touch them.  They are very soft.  They serve no known purpose. I think they are so cute. 
Erika made this cool climbing structure for them, but it is just a little too narrow and they tip it over too easily.  Back to the woodshop for mods. 
They all eat from our hands -- even shy Mr. Pelham. 
I love Pelham's coloring.  To me, he looks the most like his Nubian ancestors.
Yum.  Fresh crimson clover.

Finley loves the goats!
At work clearing the fence line.  I hated having to touch their noses to the electric fence when we put them behind it yesterday...but they needed to know to stay away from it. 

OK, so they are mini Nubians and they are just bucklings, but that still is some tall grass!

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