Saturday, May 9, 2015

five things

Here are five of the many things for which I was grateful this past week.

1.  These guys.  I've wanted goats and sheep for as long as I can remember but, of course, there was no place for them at our last two houses.  E&C are graciously housing my small herd (3 soon-to-be wethers) until Glenn's and my house is built and we move them to our side of the property.  In exchange, the goats will work hard at eradicating as much poison ivy and wild rosebush as they can eat.  More about them in another post, but let me say I am smitten!

2.  This girl.  What can I say?

3.  That this wasn't a copperhead.  I found this snake on the hardwood floor at the bottom of the stairs -- INSIDE THE HOUSE!  It was just a harmless juvenile black rat snake, but when wildlife makes the mistake of coming inside... and especially when said wildlife looks somewhat like a another species relatively common here -- the copperhead -- there is no mercy!  I killed him with the closest thing I could put my hands on -- a muck boot -- I was afraid if I took my eyes off him long enough to go get something more efficient, he would slither away.  Once he (she?) was dead and out on the porch I texted Erika and Christian photos and we all agreed it was just a black rat snake.

4.  This garden and the young couple who have been working so hard in it.

5.  This cute hay feeder my girl made for me (and my goats -- my goats!) from scrap lumber left over from other projects.

There were less-than-perfect moments during the week, of course, just as there are in every life (chief among them for me, missing Glenn).  But there were oh so many perfect moments for which I am truly grateful.

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