Friday, April 3, 2015

Five Things

Five things that made my week.

1.  The people in the Bealton/Remington Ruritan Club who welcomed me to the club with open arms  (then stationed me at the head of the serving line at the annual All-You-Can-Eat Ham and Oyster fundraiser dinner!)

 2. This structure Erika and Christian are building all from logs and branches cut from their property.  When the beans and gourds grow up the sides and over the top, we (and the black snakes?) will have a fun place to sit on hot summer days.

3.  This basket I made and the baby girl who will, I hope, use it as her Easter basket for many, many years.

4.  This sweet tiny bowl made by a Charlottesville, VA potter.

5.  This guy who arrived today (and the house and dog sitter who is taking his place at home.)

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