Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Why I haven't minded winter in Virginia

Everyone I meet who finds out Glenn and I are moving from Southern California to semi-rural Virginia wants to know what we think of the weather.  I have to say, neither of us in very happy about the hot, humid summers.  But, we're both quite OK with the cold and sometimes snowy winters and  I've thoroughly enjoyed my first winter here on Snake Oak Farm.

The bleak, short winter days have a beauty of their own and the snow -- usually just a dusting or an inch or two -- is beautiful.  Then, there are the sunny days that often follow the dreary ones.  The sky is an impossible blue and the air sparkles.  And the sunsets!  Well, they alone are a big part of why I haven't minded winter in Virginia.  

Take a look: 

And then, of course, there's  another very big reason why I haven't minded winter in Virginia.   Every, single day, I've been able to see this little one:  

  (She's excited about feeding herself banana and oatmeal.  I was not excited about the mess!) 

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