Saturday, February 7, 2015

My week (mostly) in photos

In the blogosphere, Friday is the typical day to post lists of things one has liked about the past week and it's typical to list five things -- as in "Five Things Friday."  Well, this isn't Friday and I have way more than five things that I liked about the past week.  And, I'm posting the lot of them here because I can!

1.  This rustic cabinet that Erika, Christian and Glenn built for the mudroom using 90% found material from the barn and the grape vine wreath made by George Fisher, E&C's dear friend, from prunings from the vineyard he and is wife, Linda, own.

2.  This door latch Erika and Glenn created for the mudroom cabinet.

3.  These baby feet and an incredible blanket embroidered and gifted to Finley by our dear friend Kristy Higdon.

4.  This masonry oven in Frank's and Sharlene's soon-to-be finished new home.  I hope we'll get invited for pizza!

5.  This winter weather we've been having.  The day started very, very, bitterly cold and warmed up to just darn cold. 

6.  My little bunny and her little bear hat keeping her warm.

7.  This sunset.  I will never get tired of them.

8.  This garland I made with materials Erika brought home to make Valentine's Day decorations.

9.  These woolens keeping me warm this winter.

10.  This ice fishing decoy I found in an antique store in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.  

11. This moon.

12.  This cold, blue sky.  There is also a tiny woodpecker on one of the branches, but he was too small and too far away to show up in the photo.

13.  This sunset.  Because.

14.  This flock of birds that poured into the field across the road from us, then after a minute or two of pecking the ground, continued eastward, one huge dark cloud.  

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