Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The last two weeks

When I retired from full-time work last May, I expected time to slow down a bit.  I was sure that once I wasn't rushing off to work every morning, the days and weeks would be longer.  It turns out, time has flown by just as quickly as it ever did!   But, oh! The things that have filled my days lately!  How wonderful they've been!

Friday, January 23, 2015

{this moment}

this moment.

a Friday ritual (sometimes.)

a single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week.

a simple, special, extraordinary moment.

a moment we want to pause, savor and remember.

(Inspired by

Friday, January 16, 2015

It's been cold

It's been a cold week and I, experiencing my first real winter (winters in Southern California don't count as winters!) am not sick of it yet.  I may be by the time Spring rolls around, or I may be one of those people who just likes winter.   I've met several of them since I've been here in Virginia and I suspect I'm one of them.  Time will tell!  In the meantime, Erika and I have been racking up steps on our FitBits while Christian is at work doing the same.  I think Erika and I are probably having more fun, though, since our steps are being taken all over our 27 acres (and some of Frank and Sharlene's 15)!

Here are some photos from our week:

The stream was frozen solid early in the week.   At one point, snow covered the ice and with one little misstep, my legs flew out from under me and I landed on my rear end!  After making sure I wasn't hurt (I wasn't) Erika laughed and allowed that I had fallen and scrambled to my feet again fairly gracefully.  She was smart enough to hold onto a tree limb when she walked out on the ice.

Our woods are lovely in some spots and rather raggedy in others.

Here's a peek at Frank's and Sharlene's house-in-progress as seen from the woods behind the house.  We're so looking forward to the day they and their brand-new baby, Abigail Faith, move in!

Erika noticed this rotten branch that fell in just such a way that it draped itself over another branch.

It seems there is a beautiful sunset every evening and Erika's and Christian's house is situated such to give us a ring-side seat.

This big old farm house is rather hard to heat, so sometimes we layer up while we're still inside!

We left the house early one morning this week after an overnight snow and had fun looking at all the different footprints in the snow.

We treated ourselves to breakfast at the Corner Deli in our teeny, tiny town.  We had the place completely to ourselves after the early morning breakfast rush.

It's difficult to get a photo of Finley on our walks -- she is always snuggled up close to her mama in the baby carrier and she usually falls fast asleep only minutes after we start out.

Me, shortly after my tumble on the ice.

The chickens went through their seasonal molt over the last several weeks.  While they are growing new feathers, egg production usually goes way down or stops.  We've been missing fresh eggs and were very pleased to find the first eggs of the season this week!

I wonder if Erika's love of geese comes from growing up with a full-sized Gladys The Goose lamp for a night light?

Another beautiful sunset.

Happy Friday from all of us on Snake Oak Farm!

Friday, January 9, 2015

{these moments}

these moments.

a Friday ritual (sometimes.)

a few photos - no words - capturing moments from the week.

simple, special, extraordinary moments.

moments we want to pause, savor and remember.

(Inspired by

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's not the Polar Vortex

So, we're not being visited by the Polar Vortex here in northern Virginia, but it was still cold enough this morning that my California-girl car, experiencing her first real winter, told me she had "insufficient coolant" and did not want to be driven! Fortunately, I was able to drive Erika's car, which is accustomed to cold winters now, and I wasn't late for my hair cut appointment.  

2015 has started off nicely.  Glenn was with us for most of the first day of the new year but then brought an end to a lovely two week visit by flying home.  The weather turned cold, warmed up, rained, became almost balmy one day, turned cold, snowed, then turned REALLY cold.  Cold by the standards of this former-California girl, anyway!  I've been told I haven't seen anything yet!

Already this January I have seen many a beautiful sunset and moonrise.  I've spent wonderful time with my granddaughter and her parents (especially my girl, her mother.)  I've tromped about the farm and our woods with Erika and Finley racking up steps on our FitBits.  I've marveled about the fact that goose feet don't freeze or stick to icy paths.  I've watched our soon-to-be-neighbors, Frank and Sharlene's house be built and their soon-to-be-born (tomorrow, in fact!) baby grow.  I've bundled up in the knitted mittens, hats, sweaters and scarves that I so rarely had reason to wear in San Diego. I've knitted and read and binged-watched two seasons of House of Cards. I've enjoyed hot soups and hot tea and a warm baby sleeping on my shoulder.  I've missed sharing all of this with Glenn, but I've felt ever so grateful to be spending this time on Snake Oak Farm.