Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lucky Girls

I have been so lucky these past few months.

I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl with the support of my husband and my mom.  I was able to take several months off to enjoy the beginning of life with Finley (thank you Christian) ... and I got to have my mom by my side for the entire time.

Not everyone gets along with their mom, so I suppose I should have also listed that as something I feel lucky about.  My mom and I have always had a great time together.  I've never been embarrassed of her and most of the time I think she's down right cool.   We do argue.  Of course we do.  Mostly about stupid stuff.   We disagree on the fundamentals of laundry and the usage of paper towels.  But honestly I have spent day in and day out with her for the past three months and was very sad to take her up to the airport this morning.  

Tomorrow morning Finley and I will get up early, like we always do, and when we go into Grandmama's room... she won't be there.   I'm tearing up just a little thinking about it.   We had a morning routine that was happily disrupted only on mornings when Christian was home or was going into work late.   We'd play with the girl in her PJs until it was time to go down for coffee and oatmeal.  Each morning as I'd open the door my mom would ask me how the night was.   Sometimes she'd know because she was up with Finley part of the time to give me some rest,  some days she hadn't heard a peep and was expectantly waiting to hear it was a good and easy night.   It's amazing how quickly time passes... how mornings and nights and days and weeks blend together so that you can forget how many have gone by.   I think my mom and I have spent close to 70 mornings together this summer.  It was a routine that will be missed over the next month.  

You have to understand something about my mom... she tries.  I think it is the biggest compliment I can give her because I know how important it is to her.   My mom has always tried to do things right, to do things well, to make other people feel comfortable and happy often at the expense of her own  comfort.  I'm sure this is something she has done to make living with us over the past three months possible.  She also did tons of laundry and held the baby :)

But it wont be all the extra stuff she did to help out that I will miss the most.  It will be those early mornings, and the evening baths, the endless hours spent learning how to nurse Finley while watching Doc Martin and Call the Midwife (two shows she had seen the entire series of but watched again with me because she knew i would enjoy them).  I will miss grocery shopping together and being stressed out over the number of tomatoes we had to process or the days we had to just give up trying to get anything done because Finley wasn't going to close her eyes for a second.   I will miss getting the eggs with her and trying to get Clementine on camera flying in the morning.   I will miss he humming in the back seat trying to get Finley to sleep on the car rides she hated.  I will miss taking Finley to the doctor and trying to figure out what to eat for dinner and lunch.   And ok yes, I admit it, I will miss her doing the laundry.   :)

My mom has spent every day with me since I became a mom.  This is a gift I know that Finley and I are lucky to have.  Not everyone would want their mom around that much and some may have a husband who would rather die than have his mother-in-law live with them for several months.  But I am lucky that he didn't seem to mind, and even enjoyed it.  We are lucky that my mom was able to retire and spend this time.   AND we are lucky that she is coming back.

So I suppose I can't be too sad.  In a month I will get her back for a few more months to watch Finley as I go back to work.  And we'll have more adventures with Christian and Finley in bars, and going to fairs and festivals.  We'll have the next three holidays together and a fun filled visit with Christian's parents in October.   She'll get to see Finley continue to grow up and get even cuter.   And if all of that wasn't enough I get to look forward to a time when my mom and my dad will live next door.  The compound is coming together with two (scratch that- three) new additions in the form of Sharlene and Frank and their soon to come little one.  It was my mom's dream to one day have all of us live together on one piece of property and she was right... it was the best idea ever.  :)

Thank you mom for these past three months. We'll miss you these next few weeks.

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