Friday, July 11, 2014

This is Red

I realize now that I never did a post about Grace.  But just to be clear this is not Grace.  This is Red and she doesn't hold a candle to Grace.   Grace was the one chicken from the broilers that we "pardoned" because she was so sweet we couldn't bear to off her.  I might have to go back in time and do a post about her.  The sad part is that I never took that many pictures of her.   She was a friendly chicken who would make her way over to you on purpose to be pet.  She was soft.  She was beautiful. She was a big sweet chicken.  Sadly she ended up someone's meal after all... a fox's.

We haven't quite decided if Red is a nice chicken or a chicken who is out to peck us to death.  She comes over to us and gets real close making a kind of low pitched chicken groan/whine. If we try to touch her she looks like she might bite our fingers. 

For now she is the only "friendly" or at least interested chicken.  I can't tell her apart from the other Rhode Island Reds but maybe the more we see her the more she'll stand out.  She might even become nice... but she'll never be Grace. :)

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