Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pickles and Chickens

What do you do when you have 9lbs of cucumbers... you pickle!  

I have never canned anything in my life so I'm excited to see what happens in two weeks when we get to pop one open and sample the goodness.  I hope they are crunchy.  

My mom loves jars.  She likes all kinds of glass storage containers.  Since she started visiting she has been removing labels from used jars and recycling them into my storage container drawer.  She also likes multiples... and collecting.  I walked to the table with just one of the pickle jars to photograph and she immediately said "wait, why just one? Don't you want to show ALL of them?"   She says its the Mormon in her (even though she's not Mormon)... the love of having lots of things stock piled.  I'm like that too.  We both are never so happy as when we have at least three months worth of toilet paper and paper towels stashed away. 

I love collecting too.  Two of these three white chickens were bought for me by my mom.  The smallest one she bought while I was walking around downtown Fredericksburg in labor killing time until I thought they would admit me at the hospital.   

One of the things I love most about my old farmhouse is the fact that the previous owners kept the old wood siding that was once part of the porch they enclosed.  

 For now, I am done collecting white candy jar chickens but my mom, a true collector, wonders why not a few more.  :)

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