Monday, July 14, 2014


We bought a half bushel of green beans from our local farm market Messicks.  We did not grow green beans this year for some reason but the peas we grew were delicious.  

My mom and I have been on a canning spree lately and what we haven't canned we have frozen for future meals.  We bought a vacuum sealer when we processed the meat chickens and have been using it  for saving our extra Costco cheese and meat. 

These are dilly green beans and below are the makings of crispy bread and butter pickles. 

Christian had the smart idea of gathering the wild blackberries that grow on Sharlene and Frank's property and in the back of our property.  Sharlene made a delicious pie with them. 

With all the extra canned goods around we needed a place to store them.  We fount this cabinet at an Antique store in Catlett Virginia.  The husband of the women who owned the store made it from wood salvaged from an old smoke house. 

We are now storing bread and butter pickles, cucumber marmalade, sweet and spicy pickled yellow squash, dill pickles, and spicy dilly green beans.  

I collect brass animal figures and I couldn't resist this goose at the same antique store.

We made pasta two nights when Sharlene and Frank were over last weekend.  These are orecchiette.  In Italian they are "little ears." 

Here is Sharlene's pie prior to baking and the haul from the garden. 

We are drying a lot of the tomatoes and packaging them for the freezer for sauce in the cold winter months.  Yum :)   

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