Thursday, June 12, 2014

Finley Grace Warner - 1 Week Old

Finley Grace Warner 
Born 6.5.14 @ 3:04am
5lbs 12oz
19 1/4 inches

Today our munchkin is one week old.  She's done very well since her delivery and is a happy little girl.  Being a new mom is an adjustment.  I feel like the dairy cows I've been watching graze across the street.  Sleep has come and gone and if it weren't for Christian and my mom I think I'd be a zombie.  But like everyone has always said, the joy of having this little one overshadows most everything unpleasant about the process of transferring from growing her on the inside to growing her on the outside.  I'm surprised about how I feel as if I already know her.  I like the way her head smells.  I like those big wide eyes and the arms and legs that seem to go every direction at once.  The funny pig noises she makes when she's hungry.  We, as moms, really do fall in love with our babies :)

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