Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Chicken Garden

Christian has been working hard in the garden.  When things start growing I will have to give him ALL the credit because growing plants is not my thing.  I have a decidedly brown thumb.  

There was a little bit of summer in the air as temperatures rose to about 90 degrees by mid-day. 

The hops and the rest of the garden are thriving though.  We will have plenty of salad for the next few weeks and the potatoes are going crazy. 

This chicken is showing off something I didn't get to see last summer.  When it's hot, they walk around with their wings held out to the sides of their bodies.  They also pant like dogs.  :)

Dust bathing though seems to be the cooling off method of choice.  They all spent a great deal of time in the cool dirt under one of the oak trees.   Like pigs in mud... you can tell they really love it. 

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