Friday, May 30, 2014

Fowl Weather

We've had what some might call foul weather here in Fauquier County the last few days.  Rain with temperatures never getting out of the 50's yesterday.  Today was foul weather for a different reason -- fowl! Geese, chickens and turkeys.

The following photos and words are a combination of mom and daughter. :) 

We learned today that geese will chew on your hair and fingers as their way of grooming you. 

This is Mr. Wobbles.  Winston Wobbles.  He's wobbly on his big long legs.  He also hasn't lost off his down off of his neck so it looks like he is wearing a scarf. 

This is Clementine.  Clementine Wobbles.  

These are Mr. Wobble's (big) feet.

Ombre goose wings on Mrs. Wobbles. 

The Turkeys are getting disgusting looking. 

And they move around like a Turkey crime scene investigators.  Evenly spaced out in a line combing the grass for (evidence) bugs. 

Things aren't foul at all as far as Christian's garden, the hops yard,  blue berries and hydrangeas are concerned.

These last days of May as we wait for the baby's arrival have been lovely -- anything but foul.

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