Friday, May 30, 2014

Fowl Weather

We've had what some might call foul weather here in Fauquier County the last few days.  Rain with temperatures never getting out of the 50's yesterday.  Today was foul weather for a different reason -- fowl! Geese, chickens and turkeys.

The following photos and words are a combination of mom and daughter. :) 

We learned today that geese will chew on your hair and fingers as their way of grooming you. 

This is Mr. Wobbles.  Winston Wobbles.  He's wobbly on his big long legs.  He also hasn't lost off his down off of his neck so it looks like he is wearing a scarf. 

This is Clementine.  Clementine Wobbles.  

These are Mr. Wobble's (big) feet.

Ombre goose wings on Mrs. Wobbles. 

The Turkeys are getting disgusting looking. 

And they move around like a Turkey crime scene investigators.  Evenly spaced out in a line combing the grass for (evidence) bugs. 

Things aren't foul at all as far as Christian's garden, the hops yard,  blue berries and hydrangeas are concerned.

These last days of May as we wait for the baby's arrival have been lovely -- anything but foul.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

For the love of Geese

This is a post about geese.  For the love of geese.  I think I love geese as much as I love dogs.  There are 24 photos of geese so if you're not a fan... move on... or maybe I will convince you... 

My first encounters with geese as a child were not good ones.  My dad use to take me fishing at Lake Murray and the geese would come over and honk and hiss.  As a small child this type of behavior from large birds is not welcome even if that small child is generally a lover of ALL animals. 

It came as a shock to pretty much everyone we told that we were getting geese.  "Geese are mean," "Geese are noisy," "Geese are messy," "Geese will torture your children," "Geese are...(insert negative)."  

Not one person we met loved geese.  But I'm a rebel and decided that we were going to love geese.  And I do.  I love EVERYTHING about them.   

Our geese are just about six weeks old.  I have held them and talked to them every day of their lives.  The KNOW who I am.  They KNOW who Christian is.  They talk to us.  Geese are cautious creatures and they aren't going to dive into a relationship... but once there is a relationship... it's permanent. 

I am fairly certain we have a boy and a girl.  But we won't know till next year when they start laying eggs.  Geese lay about 35-50 eggs per year all in the spring.  These geese are American Buffs and are considered an endangered heritage breed.   

At this point they are still feathering out.  The little bits of down are still sticking to the ends of the new feathers and their deeply furrowed neck feathers haven't come in yet.  

I must admit that I crumble a little bit inside every time I see these goose-y pantaloons.  I can't stand how cute they are.  

Geese, do not need water to bathe and play in.  They like it, but they don't need it.  
They can get all of their nutrition from grazing on grass and they just LOVE grass. 

They do like to play in water though.  Especially the kind of playing that involves flinging water in every direction. 

Geese are soulful.  There is something behind their eyes.  When they waddle over to talk to you they look right at you.   They look at you like dogs do... like they know you. 

Geese are lazy.  They lay down and eat all the grass around them before they get up.  They spend lots of time walking around, talking to each other... and to us... and then when they get bored they start chewing on stuff.  Most of the time they are chewing on my shirt, or shoes.  They don't nibble skin and seem to know the difference.   

Geese have beautiful texture.  These few pictures capture the softness in ways I can only assure you are accurate.  Geese are crazy soft.  Unlike chickens which have soft feathers with bony bodies underneath, geese feel like plump fluffy goodness.

I might not ever be able to convince you to love geese.   You might have to have some of your own to understand.  But these creatures are my new favorites.   And luckily, if they are well taken care of and don't get eaten by predators, they will be with me for the next 25-30 years!  

I love geese.