Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Little Girl's Room

Well here it is, the "almost" finished room.  We are still missing the changing table which will be made out of an old feed container we found in the barn. I just need to paint it white and spruce it up a bit. 

This pup seems to know his days as the favorite are numbered.  He's been doing a lot of sucking up lately including spending most of the afternoon with me while Bonnie napped on the couch downstairs.

It's a good thing I documented our first rooster in this picture since it's looking like he won't be with us much longer.  He's been attacking our boots and generally living up to his name "The Asshole." 

Knobs from Hobby Lobby, and this great chair that I have been watching for months at TJMax finally went clearance this past Friday. 

Farm On print from Becca.  She really knows our style.  The butterflies, trout, and feather are prints of some original watercolors we bought from Harriet's General in Culpeper.  So is the tractor wall paper in the frame.  Harriet's General sells only products and goods that were 100% made in America and we love it in there.  The deer head came from Christian's parents for Christmas... apparently it was sort of supposed to be a joke but I like it so much I painted it white and added it to the wall. 

We are trying to stick to only wood, metal, and fabric toys.  Yes, we are going to be those parents... those annoying parents who don't want plastic toys and who don't actually want a lot of toys period. The few things we have are a collection of my old wooden toys, some from a local artisan Shar and I met at an October craft fair, and a few Habra toys -- love that brand. 

The empty space behind Bailey will be where the feed bin/changing table will go.  I plan to hang the metal mobile above it and store the diaper bin and diapers in it. 

Ikea had some great stuff.  Christian and I loved these "doctor's office" toys from our childhood and leave it to Ikea to have them for under $10!  

This little piggy is also from Ikea.  The goose and the chicken I made from clearance curtains and dish towels from Target.   The crib is also from Ikea and was a total steal. 

The beautiful rocking chair was 100% made in the USA by the Amish and was one of many great gifts from my mom on her last visit out. 

I did these drawings of Bonnie and Bailey a few years back, but I thought they would look better in this room than in ours. 

This little Amish barn has a bunch of simple wooden animals and fencing inside.  It was also a gift from my mom on this last trip. 

This crazy rug was the inspiration for the whole room and was the jumping off point for the color scheme. I bought it way back in January just days after we found out she was a girl.  I had a boy's rug picked out too, but I have to admit this one was my favorite of the two. 

My Aunt Kathy cross-stitched this little mouse for me when I was a baby.  

The bump is growing... 8 weeks to go.  :) 

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