Friday, March 21, 2014

The last snow of the season?

I've been here on Freemans Ford Road with Erika and Christian since last Thursday and was lucky enough to be here for what everyone hopes is the last snow of the season.

It started Sunday afternoon -- just after we finished making a coop for E's & C's meat chickens -- and continued all night and throughout the morning. 

It was lovely. 

It covered the new coop enough that Erika had to use the snow shovel to dig it out.  (The chicks were all toasty warm inside.)

It's good that winter is nearly (hopefully) over because Erika can no longer button her overalls over her growing baby bump!

I hope you enjoy the rest of these photos as much as I enjoyed wandering around (in the insulated overalls Christian gave me for Christmas) taking them.  

Glenn joined us yesterday evening after a long weekend at the NASCAR race in Bristol, Tennessee, just in time to see the snowy landscape.  This morning the snow started to melt and by the end of the day -- one which we spent in a meeting with a possible builder of our new home here on Freemans Ford Road -- most of it was gone.  

Glenn and I came prepared for the snow and wouldn't mind seeing more of it.  But for the sake of everyone else in the area, I hope this was the last snow of the season! 

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