Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Randomness from our week on Freemans Ford Road

I'm not sure just what I did with all my time last week on Freemans Ford Road, but I didn't spend much of it with my camera.  Still, I managed to capture a few interesting shots.

Here they are in no particular order:

These lovely crocus are popping up all over Erika's and Christian's part of the farm.

We found lots of these little lovelies, too.  Snake eggs.  Black snake eggs.  Two more people told us how LUCKY E&C are to have black snakes.

The first fresh chicken eggs I ever collected straight from a chicken coop.
Christian digging holes for 12 blueberry bushes.  I hope there are blueberries when I visit this summer!

The start of the snow that fell steadily for about 14 hours. 

I love my insulated overalls and my Muck boots.

Chicken dinners to-be.
The chickens decided to stay tucked inside their coop.  I suppose the 6 inches of snow on their ladder had something to do with their decision!

Blueberry bush in snow. 

Bailey loves Glenn.

A trip to a new-to-us dump!

Outside E's&C's guest room window.

Christian contemplating a chicken.
I finally got some use out of the wool sweater I knit years ago.
The moon over the tool shed and barn.
The brooder light shining in the tool shed windows.
Those feet will make good stock. (And those bags under my eyes would make a good "before" photo for cosmetic surgery!)

The chickens ran out to greet us on our way back from a walk over to Glenn's and my side of the property.

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