Monday, December 23, 2013

Glenn's first real visit to the farm

I was lucky enough to spend a week with E&C this past August, but this is Glenn's first visit to the farm since the day we toured it with the realtor.  We haven't walked the entire property yet, but he is surprised, as was I, how big 27 acres really is and how far our house will be from E's and C's.  

Christian had to work on Saturday when we took a little tour of some of the property ("are we on our side yet?")

I love this photo:

On Sunday the boys -- with supervision from Erika -- got to work on boring holes for posts for the chicken run.  Glenn's first run at operating the tractor went well. 

I think Glenn needs some overalls like Christian's

Seems to me Glenn had a good first couple of days on the farm.

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