Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Christian!

It is sort of like a Where's Waldo game. 

But then you realize he's not wearing camo at the moment. 

Instead he's probably 30+ feet up in the air pretending to shoot his bow. 

Christian got a climbing tree stand for his birthday :)  

This was just the trial run of course.  Later that day he went out into the woods near the apple trees below our barn, climbed a tree, and sat up there for 4 hours.  I came out to pen up the chickens just as he was coming out of the woods in full camo in a light misty rain.  I don't know why, but there is something about watching your husband come out of the woods in full camo that makes a wife feel proud and sort of warm inside.  Perhaps its because even though he didn't actually kill me anything... this time... he could have.  :)

This funky caterpillar was up in the tree he climed. 

Pecan tree leaves turning.  One of the few in the back of the property.

Happy Birthday C.   :)

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