Friday, September 20, 2013

Around the Farm

Christian and I have been settling in on the farm over the past month and a half.  We've completed some of the initial tasks and decided to have some fun.   When we moved in there was no swing in the front yard.  I have always loved swings and this tree was just begging for one.  As it turns out this happens to be the Snake Tree... so riders beware!

Getting the ropes tied required Christian.  I am not much for tying knots.   I'm glad he humored me and helped out.  He then pushed me on the swing for a few min. :)

This is Poke Berry.  In my research about what plants chickens can and can't eat I found out that they do not regularly eat this purple fruit, but that some people actually make jam out of it! Making jam out of wild berries is akin to serving wild mushrooms on a salad... I think I'll pass.

This is one of the fields that surround the house.  It is fenced on all four sides with very old and over grown barbed wire fence.  The small run-in shed in background has two big turkey vultures living in it. They can be seen standing on the roof in the evenings.

After plowing the field with the vultures in it we were finally able to identify this overgrown structure as the former chicken coop.  There is no hope for salvaging this one either.  Instead we may fortify the fencing and throw in some goats or sheep in the fall.  

The roof in the background of this wild corn picture is the roof to the old milking barn.  Half the size of what it was when it was functional, we hope someday to clean it out and make it an entertaining space.

Growing up in California we rarely find old things just laying around.  Old out-dated electrical especially! Look at these fuses!!!  The fading bits of newspaper on the right hand side were tucked in as insulation.  They date back to the 40's.   In Virgnina, especially in the more rural areas you can expect to find abandoned houses, out-buildings, tools, etc.  This farm has been no exception.

This old bathtub is out in the middle of one of our fields.   Next to it is an iron water pump.  It was likely used to water the cattle that use to live here.  Now, it holds a few frogs.

I just love the green standing seam roof on our house.  It is a look my mom has always loved as well.  It makes the most beautiful sound when it rains... but it also blocks almost all cell phone reception.

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