Friday, July 26, 2013

Still waiting...

A fat Fedex pack with a Virginia return address was waiting on our doorstep yesterday evening.  Glenn and I signed and initialed a million documents and they'll be flying back to Virginia today.

Money will be wire transferred on Monday.  And, Christian and Erika (with Power of Attorney for Glenn and me) will be signing the final documents on July 30th.

If all goes well.

Then, of course there is the issue of the well! 

Erika's and Christian's first official task as co-owners of a farm will be to have a (very expensive) UV filter installed on their farmhouse water system so they can drink the water and bathe until sometime soon when a new well will be dug.

I suppose something could still happen at this point -- the sellers could have a change of heart.  But, it sounds like the female seller's heart is in England with a man she is soon to marry, so there's a good chance things will go through just fine. 

Still, my fingers are crossed. 

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