Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First Day!

We are IN!  Yay!

Christian and I finished signing all the paperwork yesterday afternoon and while he went to hang out with Kellan I ran back to the house to investigate the smell of propane with the Quarles rep and meet up with my handy-man Jim.

Just so you aren't worried, the propane guy finally figured out that the dryer connections were a little loose, tightened them up, and we were good to go.   In the process he tested our tanks, marked us for a re-fill, and discovered a baby-bird nest with the smallest little babies with gaping yellow mouths!  So cute and probably one of the many encounters with wild-life we will have on this little farm.

Mark, the Quarles rep, is actually dating a woman at the dairy farm down the road from us.  I had planned to stop down there and introduce myself at some point in the hope of being able to do some volunteer work and learn what's involved in taking care of dairy cows.   Now, thanks to this lucky turn of fate, and the faint smell of gas, we have new friend and another CONNECTION!

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