Saturday, June 8, 2013


She's 113 years old.  She's had some surgeries to repair her aging organs, a replacement here and there, and a good bit of "work" -- some more successful than others.  (WTF! Vinyl "wood" floor in some rooms? Makes me think of Meg Ryan's lips.)

Even with her new, green standing-seam metal roof (my favorite kind of roof, as a matter of fact!) she is 113 years old and is going to need a lot of love and attention (note the porch ceiling) to last the next 60 years Erika envisions living with her. 

And of course, there's still the contract to be ratified and inspections to be done...will we or won't we fall through that shaky bedroom floor?  Are the septic system and well sound?

Then, once she passes her physical, fingers crossed, there's all the work to clear trees, dig a well, install a septic system and build another house for the older couple.  Lots of work all around. 

Once the contract is ratified, we have ten days for second thoughts -- is it too much work? Can a 60-almost-three year old, third-generation Californian really move to semi-rural Virginia and live happily the rest of his days?  Does the young couple really want to live next door to their parents/in-laws -- even though "next door" can be relatively far away on 27 acres, it is still next door!

And, then there's the ticks!  

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