Saturday, February 13, 2016


I've made so many promises to myself to keep up with this blog, most importantly because printing books of my posts has been an easy, efficient way of maintaining photo albums for someone who hates maintaining photo albums!

But, not too long ago, I started using Instagram and shortly afterward a wonderful online utility was born -- "Chatbooks" -- and its automatic subscription service is proving to be a very easy photo album maker, so this little blog is languishing.

I'm not ready to give up on it completely but if you're interested in keeping up with us, you might want to check us out on Instagram.  My user name is "boo21smom" and Erika's is "snakeoakfarm.

Hope to see you over there! And, here sometimes, too!

Chatbook's subscription service automatically prints a lovely 6X6 book of photos every time you accumulate 60 Instagram posts.  I started out with the paperback books but have since upgraded to the hardback.  The quality so far has been great.  

Friday, January 29, 2016

The non-blizzard of 2016

The Blizzard of 2016 really wasn't a blizzard after all, at least not in our area of Virginia; it didn't meet the official criteria for a blizzard.  But, we still got a ton of snow.  At least 24 inches, as a matter of fact!

We had a great time, in large part because the power stayed on and we aren't in a tidal area that floods.  I know not everyone on the East Coast was so lucky.

Here are some photos of the nearly two days of non-stop snow and it's aftermath.  It was a non-blizzard we'll always remember.

We are 20 miles southwest of the town of Warrenton that recorded over 30 inches of snow.

So it begins...

Friday afternoon when Finley and Abi from next door could still walk in the snow.

The sled was one of Finley's Christmas gifts from her parents.  It worked wonderfully early in the storm.  Later, the snow was just too deep and fluffy.

Erika made pastries on Saturday morning and we delivered them to our next-door and across-the-road neighbors.

The dogs and I didn't make it across the road.  Only Christian made it all the way to Dot's house in this photo.  Erika with Finley on her back, made it to Dot's driveway and gave up.

Trudging through calf-deep snow is hard work!  (-:

Knee-deep on me and there were still 10 more hours of snow to go!

Same photo as the first one above, but near the end of the storm.

Snow drifted onto all four sides of Glenn's and my porch.

Erika, Finley and I rode out to my house on the bush hog attachment on Christian's tractor.

The dogs and I walked back.  It was exhausting!

Erika and Christian built a snow cave.

Our next-door neighbors/dear friends, bundled themselves and their year-old daughter up and trudged through the snow to our house for dinner.   The next night, we headed to their house.

My goats are pansies.  They don't like the snow.

Goose down is warm.

Shoveling is hard work -- I know this only by word-of-mouth.  (-:

Once the snow had stopped, we managed to entice the goats out of the barn...but they would only walk on the paths we had stomped down.

Sunday night sunset.  It was just that gorgeous--I didn't use special filters or enhance the photo in any way.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

In the goat yard -- again

Yesterday, we hung out in the goat yard again -- this time with Bonnie and Bailey.

The goats were not panicky-afraid of the dogs, but they didn't want to have much to do with them.

Bonnie showed a keen interest in them, particularly in droving them around the yard and into the barn.  We've actually used her twice to help round them up when they escaped and were on their way to gorging on grain in the chicken coop.

  Poor Bailey!  He spent most of the time scrupulously not making eye contact with them. 

The goats decided not to come down off their play structure again until both dogs were long gone.

Monday, January 4, 2016

the goat yard

Last week, during a break in the nearly constant drizzly rain, we spent some time hanging out in the goat yard.  I love the goat yard and barn that Glenn, Erika and Christian built.  (I had a hand in the work, too, but my contribution was mostly keeping Finley out of trouble.) When the goats were housed in the chicken-run-turned-goat-yard, there wasn't much room, but now!  Now we have a large, covered barn as well as a large fenced area and not only is it better for the goats,  it's great fun for us to spend time in there with them.  There are climbing areas, shade and sun, mud puddles and the soft cushion of straw in the barn.  And, one of the best things in my book, is that the chickens can join us in the yard, but the pushy, loud geese are too fat to squeeze under the gate!  I think we're going to be spending a lot of time in the goat yard.